The world of Lunaire

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The world of Lunaire Empty The world of Lunaire

Post by Lillytopbottom on Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:39 pm

Lunaire is a world full of peace, and no heartless. It is a peaceful world that seems almost immune to heartless. In that world lies the kingdom of Victoire, everything there is beautiful and fancy. Merchants on the street have nice, expensive stuff to other worlds, but to Victoire, is common. Anything that is expensive in Victoire, is priceless in any other world. Victoire, is also a place filled with moogles and chocobos! While Lunaire isn't the most beautiful outdoor place, the architecture of Victoire is unparralelled in beauty!

The highest of all Nobility of Victoire is the Lovehearts. They are an extravagant family full of ingenious chemists who are the best chemists of each world. They rose to nobility with their recipes that are a family secret, and they sold them, and became nobility quickly, if you are from the Loveheart family here, you are basically royalty.

The Castle of Victoire

The Loveheart Estate

Victoire Town

Great Plains of Lunaire

Mountains of Lunaire


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The world of Lunaire Empty Re: The world of Lunaire

Post by RenaKerensky on Sun Aug 07, 2011 5:42 pm

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