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Random Character: Valzion Markate (Discuss) Empty Random Character: Valzion Markate (Discuss)

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Valzion Markate

The Light Breaker

Random Character: Valzion Markate (Discuss) Drawings_by_levolpehh-d3kluen (Drew in Sai with a mouse)
Age: 16

Height: 5 ft 11 in.

Weight: 119 lbs

Ability: Light

Fighting Style: Tàiyáng zhī xīng quán (Fist of the Solar Star) (Unmastered)

Younger Version:

Bio -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Birth and Childhood:
As he came unto the world in the distant past, his father and mother looked down upon him with joy. A head full of black, luxurious hair, and eyes that sparkle a deep orange, Valzion Markate has been born. His mother held him with care. His parents had hoped for him to get used to his home as soon as possible, so they had him home born. The profound scent of sweet potatoes and brown rice threw itself into the air. As soon as Valzion caught this scent, his crying stopped. His parents both laughed at his somewhat delighted reaction to the smell. They thought that Valzion was going to do great things as a man, just as every parent does. How great the deeds Valzion does, however, they cannot yet comprehend.

Life was great, and the family was glowing with ambition for Valzion. When Valzion turned 4, his father brought him into his dojo. His father was a profound martial artists. So profound, in fact, that he was known as the "Guardian of the Sun." He had created his own martial art, Tàiyáng zhī xīng quán (Fist of the Solar Star), that had been unmatched since it's creation. Valzion has always liked watching his father, Solas, train his two students, Seigeheart and Sam, with strict, but kind, feelings. Solas had always wanted to train Valzion, and since his son became 4, he thought he was ready for learning. Valzion quickly grew into the fighting mood. He learned quickly and majestically. His father thought he was a true genius.

Teenage Years, A New Rival:
Valzion had grown into a young man. He was slim, but had muscles visible on his chest and arms. His hair grew longer, and his eyes wider. He turned into a man that all the ladies wanted. His 10 year training in Tàiyáng zhī xīng quán has turned him into a master in martial arts. The other two students were jealous of Valzion's powers. Seigeheart, the eldest one, had a plan. He knew of the abilities and powers that Solas had kept secret from them. One night, Seigheart walked into the dojo and opened a small safe that kept the secrets of Solas. He spent all night reading them, without making a sound. When morning came, Solas had gotten up early as he always does, bringing Valzion with him to get in some early sparring rounds. When they arrived at the dojo, Seigheart was no where to be found, as were the scrolls. Sam arrived a short time later, and became saddened at the fact that Seigeheart would do such a thing. He told Valzion and Solas that they were jealous of Valzion's skills, but he didn't know that Seigeheart was -that- jealous.

During the next two years, Solas decided to train both Valzion and Sam the secrets of the scrolls, in fear that Seigeheart might return to fight them. The power of Light entering the two pupils. As they grew stronger, Solas's fear grew weaker. On Valzion's 16th birthday, Solas and Val's mother had planned to give him the perfect present. It was customary in Solas's family to give their children the dojo, and he knew that Valzion was ready.

The Sun Dementia

Random Character: Valzion Markate (Discuss) 33dl3xd (Drew in photoshop with tablet)
Age: 21

Height: 6'1

Weight: 121

Ability: Pure Light (A Light that can somewhat be controlled as a Dimensional Power. Only unique to Valzion)

Fighting Style: Tàiyáng zhī xīng quán (Fist of the Solar Star) (Mastered)

Older Version:

Bio -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Age 21, The Awaited Battle:
Valzion and Sam had both been training nearly all their lives in martial arts. They were together as friends, and rivals, through hard times and bad, but all that preparation was about to be tested. Seigeheart had returned, and he had come with two students of his own, Monroe and Trenson. Solas wanted to talk peacefully with Seigeheart, but he was not one for talk. He commanded his students to murder the Markate family. Solas, Sam, and Valzion stood up against the three corrupted warriors with courage. Valzion and Sam took on Monroe and Trenson, while Solas was busy with Seigeheart. A fierce battle took place, and both sides grew tired. Valzion and Monroe were fighting with all their might, while Sam and Trenson were taking on a more subtle approach. Seigeheart and Solas were using their mastery of Light to battle each other. Sadly, Solas's age had caught up to him, and he had lost his concentration. Seigeheart found this opportunity to kill Solas. Valzion, after finally defeating Monroe, saw this. He quickly rushed towards Seigeheart, attempting to stop his attack on Solas. He was scared, and he didn't know what to do. In a hasty decision, he began to gather all of the Light that surrounded the area. The warriors that surrounded the area had curiosity running over their faces. They had never seen anything like this. The battle between Sam and Trenson had stopped, and Seigheart slowly drew his finishing blow away from Val. Sam, being the first to recover his senses, quickly discarded his fight in order to grab Solas and rush away. Trenson quickly rushed towards Valzion in order to stop him. Seigeheart just began to laugh, remembering that Light was used for Healing and Support, so there was nothing he could do. Valzion closed his eyes, and, with all of his hope, pushed the energy away. The Light was hard, like gravity. The large dome of Light pushed Trenson and Siegeheart away. Trenson fainted almost instantly, and Seigeheart began to see strange colors, almost as if Valzion was bending the way Seigeheart's eyes bent light. He pulled his eyes away and retreated, knowing that he cannot win the battle in his current state. As Valzion opened his eyes again, he fell to the ground. Solas and Sam walked towards his motionless body. Valzion was dead.

Ageless, Birth of a Dead Man:
A light was all that Valzion could see. His senses were gone. He couldn't smell, feel, taste, or even hear. All he could do was see, and he only saw the light. He paced forward, dragging his body on for what seemed like years. The closer he grew to the light, the heavier his body became. He was losing hope. He didn't know what to do, but all he could do was stretch forward. Voices threw themselves into Valzion's head. "You're dead. Are you happy?" The voice repeated itself over and over. Valzion was growing confused. His eyes were dropping. He thought about what the voice said. "Are you happy?" He closed his eyes completely, shutting out the last of his senses. He couldn't hear himself speak, but he knew what his lips spoke. "I am, because my family and friends still live." The feeling of soft feathers wrapped itself around Valzion's feet. He could hear water flow not too far away. He felt his tongue touch the roof of his mouth. Then, he smelled sweet potatoes and brown rice. He quickly opened his eyes. The light was standing in front of him. It had the shape of a human, but no body features were present. It was slim, like a young girl. The light spoke to Valzion. "I am happy for you. You sacrificed yourself to save many others, and at such a young age, too." Valzion gulped, and took a step forward. The Entity spoke again. "You are an Angel, Valzion. Metaphorically and realistically speaking. You are my angel, and I have a mission for you." Valzion, looking with a confused face, asked what his mission was. With a smile, the Entity told him. "Maintain balance on Earth. Protect your friends, your family, and even your enemies. Bring peace on a planet where peace does not exist. Do this for me, Valzion." The Entity touched Valzion's forehead, and waved goodbye.

Valzion woke up, but he couldn't see anything. He tried to lift his body up and hit his head on a hard wooden surface. He calmed his energy down and quickly bashed through the solid roof. He jumped out of what felt like a bed and quickly turned around. He was staring at his grave, which lay above his own body. He was crying. He now knew that the Entity was real, and that he had been given a special gift. For some reason, he smelled the scent of sweet potatoes and brown rice in the distance, but he ignored it and turned away. He had now accepted his mission, and he ventured off into the world, holding the knowledge that the Entity had given him. He now knew the true meaning of Light, and he was now ready to maintain the terms that the Entity had commanded in exchange for his new power. Some short time later, Solas and Sam came to see Valzion's grave. They were shocked when they saw that the coffin door had been destroyed, but relieved when they saw Valzion's body still there, unharmed. They prayed for their beloved son and friend, fixed the coffin door, and set a bowl of sweet potatoes and brown rice next to his tomb stone.


Speed - Tàiyáng zhī xīng quán is immensely dependent on the user's speed. As such, he trained himself to move his body very short distances in a blink of an eye, sometimes leaving behind what appears to be an after image in the spot he once stood.
Wits - Valzion has an incredible awareness level. He can sometimes sense incoming attacks before they even happen.


I had to put this in descriptive words because it's very hard to understand, and most of you would be like "Wtf that has nothing to do with light," if you have no imagination.
Light itself can bend to Val's will to create what a black hole can create. He can literally "Bend Light." An example would be...You know how you require light to see colors? Well Val can bend light to make you see different colors, and literally change the way you look at reality, so you will see what is not there. He can also use light as gravity. Since light is everywhere, he can bend it and pressurize it to form gravity itself, hardening the energy of light to increase the gravity that is around you. They say not even light can escape a black hole, and how light goes into a black hole is how Val bends light. AKA, think of Val as a black hole, bending light to do his bidding at will. Valzion can also move inside of Light itself. When doing this, he uses light not as a power, or an energy, but as a room itself. People think he is just teleporting, but in reality, he is moving through light itself as a passageway, appearing to be able to move at the speed of light.

When moving through Light, he cannot touch other people, as he is in a dimension of his own. Val also has a hard time bending the colors of Light to distort enemy eyes. When he is distorting the colors of Light, his eyes must be shut at all times, or else he too will become confused. He usually only distorts the colors of Light when he knows where the enemy is, so that he can close his eyes and use his other senses to catch the enemy off guard. When hardening Light, it takes the energy from within Valzion's own body and adds it to the Light he has collected. This means that over use of this skill will leave Valzion tired and weary.

(He first used Light Bending when he used Luminaire, and the Entity unlocked his full potential when he met it.)

Luminaire (Light Bending Ability) - This ability is one of his strongest attacks. It starts out with Val collecting energy from surrounding light, and ends with a big flash. It engulfs everything around him in a 200 foot radius, pressurizing the collected Light and inflicting distortion and strengthened gravity upon the enemy. The time it takes to charge varies depending on how much energy is collected. A normal charge would take around 30 seconds, so this move is usually used when Valzion has back up (More Energy = More time. So if he takes ten times more energy, he'll take ten times the amount of time a normal charge would do).
Since becoming an Angel, he can take the stress of Luminaire a little bit easier, but after even one use, Valzion will be in an extremely weakened position almost unable to move at all.
(This is the move that he used on Seigeheart and Trenson)


Constant Speed - He is still human (Well, he's an Angel, but you know...), so he would naturally grow tired from moving around too much.

Sympathy for the Weak - Valzion will almost always spare those he defeats in battle, or would rather protect someone else than himself. This could lead to surprise attacks and traps that enemies set up. Sadly, when Valzion is too busy protecting someone or leaving an unfinished battle, his awareness and wits turn off, mostly because Valzion assumes that he could easily protect someone, or that the battle is already over.

Long Battles - Valzion doesn't do too good in battles that last a long time. It has nothing to do with his stamina, but Valzion has a short attention span, and can sometimes get distracted while the battle is still going on.

Weight - Valzion has always been a light weight. He trains his body a lot, and his muscles add on to his weight, but the way his body is built makes him lighter. It won't take much to push him out of a ring if he isn't paying attention.

Likes and Dislikes
-Sleep: Valzion loves sleep. This is because his energy will build up and recover faster than normally, and his Light Bending ability requires a lot of energy.

-Sweet Potatoes and Brown Rice:
He has been eating it ever since he was a child, and he doesn't plan on stopping.

-Weakness: Valzion can't stand people who show signs of weakness. It makes them a target for scum and thieves, and in turn they become another object that Valzion has to protect. He doesn't hate weak people, he just dislikes it when they -show- their weakness. He does sympathize for the weak, but that doesn't mean he can't dislike the concept of weakness.

Valzion dislikes the people who run around robbing everyone, or the people who attempt to rape innocent women. That kind of mannerism doesn't sit right with Valzion, and he wouldn't think twice about knocking the man out.


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